There is a lot of talk these days about the very few women engineers, the very few women entrepreneurs. The reasons behind these are unfamiliar to me, as I have never ever had any troubles wherever I went just because I’m a woman. If I encountered problems and hops on the way, they were only because I did not give my best or I did not work hard enough, not because of some genetic condition. But nonetheless, there seems to be a problem out there and people try to remedy this by grants, scholarships, balanced number of men and women in companies etc.

So here comes a cool story. While I was at CMU last semester, one of the spams was advertising an Apple Women in Engineering Scholarship. All I had to do is solve a coding exercise and propose an ‘innovative’ educational solution for iPad/iPhone. The application seemed very easy at the time and the awards very appealing: internship opportunity with Apple, an iPhone 4 and a scholarship to cover school expenses. The whole process seemed so easy, that I didn’t give it much thought. Alex knew, but I didn’t even share the intel with my folks.

A month later, my semester at CMU ended and I happily returned home for winter break. At some point between Christmas and New Years Eve I got a surprising e-mail that I WON! I was shocked back then as I am today when I actually see the things on my table. I called Alex, I went downstairs to tell my folks who listened to me in shock as well. The enthusiasm evaporated as months went by, because the whole procedure of getting the scholarship was fairly lengthy. Of course, in the mean time I joined the exclusive club of people refusing to work for big companies and chose to join Alex in the startup quest.

So yes, coming to today, I got the FedEx parcel couple of hours ago and I still can’t believe it! It’s all here! And I won! And I have an iPhone4! And yes, I’m happy and so is Alex.

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