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  • About a year ago we bought this property which, in another random permutation of life, had a young orchard with 5 beautiful sour cherry trees
  • This summer we collected about 9kg (317 oz) of fruit.
  • We made 10 jars of whole fruit jam / confiture (“dulceata”) from roughly 4.5kg
  • I used 100% my grandma’s recipe, which is my all time favorite and I outline it below.
  • Washed the fruit thoroughly and removed the seeds so that the cherries remained as full as possible
  • In a special type of pot (less tall and very wide) we layered the fruit with sugar - one layer of fruit, one layer of sugar. We used about 3.75kg of sugar.
  • Left the pot overnight and the fruit left out juice
  • The next day we slow cooked the mixture for about 4h until the syrup had a honey-like texture and flow.
  • The only thing we added was a 1/2 chopped lemon.
  • Preparing the jars themselves was trickier.
  • We bought new jars and lids and washed them thoroughly. We pre-heated the oven and left the jars inside the oven to dry. We boiled the lids for 10 minutes. This is to destroy any bacteria that could alter the jams later on.
  • Once both the confiture and the jars reached room temperature, we filled the jars with the delicious mixture, sealed the lids and left them for another 10 minutes in the preheated oven to fix the seals.
  • Once the filled jars reached room temperature, we labeled them and moved them to storage and then to friends and family as presents. 

It’s been a great experience on so many levels. I wouldn’t have thought I were able to cook my favorite grandma’s confiture recipe, a recipe cooked in a wild, stranded Moldovan corner. In a way, it was a reconnection with my culture and traditions, my heritage which I am very proud of. It was a nice escape from an extremely busy month at Golf Genius Software and Take Off Labs. I applied the same recipe for the 4.5kg of red and black currants I collected from my garden and 16 more jars of delicious jam resulted. You are welcome to try it out in the sour cherry orchard :).