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I started planning my garden early on, late January, early February. I already knew that some flowers should have been planted in Fall (tulips, snowdrops etc), but we moved in only in November and we were too overwhelmed with everything to think about plants. In February I was dreaming of a large vegetable garden to span my entire orchard, but then some gardeners convinced us to make it smaller and near the house so that I can quickly fetch some parsley leaves to season my soup. I adjusted my dreams accordingly, but we all forgot to take Zara into consideration. She was a ball of fur back in February and everyone thought she was a Bichon Frise (N.B. she’s a Samoyed).

Well, now’s April, Zara is 6 months yesterday and my vegetable garden is not exactly what I dreamt of. First, we had troubles planting in straight lines. Then grass started creeping in around my plants. Ultimately, Zara started digging all my garlic. Apart from that, I did spot the wavy onion rows and parsley showing up here and there. The story on how we tried to install a wooden fence and failed miserably is for another day.

Apart from the vegetable garden which I still need to practice on, the orchard is looking neat. We have 25 trees - sweet and sour cherries, plums, pears, two wall nut trees, one peach and 3 apple trees. We planted 6 this year. It will take some time until they form a mature orchard, but I guess we’ll grow together. We also added 6 types of grapevines, which will probably never grow or we will be very old when that happens.

For the front yard we kept it pretty much as it was. We added a few rose bushes (one velvety red Mr. Lincoln, one yellow and one red crawling bush, and two more which I have yet to identify because I threw away the packaging - stupid, stupid - and for the love of God I can’t remember which type they were - one is pink and one is orange, probably¬†Doris Tysterman or Sultan). Also, we planted one ivy, one red wall, one clematis and some others.¬†

On the bright side, we have tons of dandelions as you can see in my past photos - I mean tons! Up until noon the entire yard is yellow. It looks quite neat. Also, there is a chance in summer my garden will overflow with plants and colors and flowers, but now it seems like it will take forever until anything non-weed will be in bloom…

Other than that, I find gardening quite fascinating. In a way, I am able to understand the customers I write software for much better. I can put myself in their shoes. I, like them and their business idea, “sort of” know what I want, but translating the thought into a piece of transferable data that could be then interpreted appropriately by a third party and finding that reliable third party are all quite daunting tasks. So, for the time being, I guess I have a quick and dirty prototype of what I want, and we can probably move on to the next phase…

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